Animal Saviours can provide assistance for both veterinary treatment for pets and other charitable organisations involved in animal welfare. We can provide assistance in 3 main ways, that are explained in detail below.

The trustees will only accept applications for assistance submitted using the online forms found here.


Veterinary Treatment for Pets:

Applications for grants are made by the attending Veterinary Surgeon on behalf of the pet owner.

We will not respond to direct applications by a pet owner.

The trustees will assess the application and contact the Veterinary Practice if additional information is required to make a decision.

Grants can be provided up to £250

Owners must pay a minimum of 50% of the total cost of treatment

Owners should not qualify for funding from other charities (i.e. PDSA, Dogs Trust, RSPCA etc)

An owner can only request a grant once in their lifetime

The grant is paid directly to the veterinary practice after treatment has been carried out

The owner must agree to pay the balance as well as any ongoing costs, including any unforeseen complications

Owners should endeavour to take reasonable precautions to prevent illness in the future, such as regular vaccinations and taking out pet insurance policies

Animal Saviours trustees decision on funding is final


Charitable Organisations:

Grant requests by charitable organisations can be made to enable purchasing of equipment or for services that will better enable a person or charity to perform their work in improving the well-being of animals. There are two forms of assistance available, which can be selected from the application form:

Equipment Purchase Request:

Requests for assistance in the purchase of specific items will first be assessed by the trustees, should any additional information be required the person or charity will be contacted. If the application is approved Animal Saviours will then source and purchase the equipment. It will then be donated to the person or charity directly.

Service Purchase Request:

Requests for assistance in sourcing services will be assessed and researched by the trustees. If the application is approved we will source and pay for the service directly.

These grants are discretionary and must be unanimously approved by all Animal Saviours trustees